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ebten User Terms and Conditions

Visitors to the ebten Internet site (hereinafter known as the Site) hosted and operated by KADOKAWA CORPORATION (hereinafter known as Kadokawa) enter a relationship with Kadokawa at the point of purchase, and they are therefore required to read and thoroughly comprehend the details laid down in the User Terms and Conditions (hereinafter known as the Terms and Conditions) in advance.
Users who are not in agreement with the Terms and Conditions are respectfully requested to refrain from using the Site

1. Placing Orders
(1) When placing orders for items available on the Site, users are required to read and take note of the on-screen instructions and precautions (details pertaining to the Specified Commercial Transaction Act and other such information).
(2) Kadokawa will contact users via e-mail to confirm the details of orders. Users are required to contact Kadokawa as soon as possible in the event of unclear order details.
(3) Note that there are cases in which limited stocks of items may result in the unavoidable cancelation of orders. Kadokawa will inform users of this via either e-mail, facsimile or telephone.

2. Payment
(1) Credit card may be selected as the payment method.
(2) When a credit card has been selected for payment, note that the relevant sum is to be paid in a single installment. Payment by multiple installments and revolving payment will not be accepted. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is used when credit card details are entered online, and all card information will be SSL-encrypted for transmission purposes.
• Precaution when paying by credit card: Note that only credit cards made out to the user concerned may be used for payment.
Order details cannot be changed or cancelled once credit card payment procedures have been completed.
Make sure all order details and total charges have been carefully checked before continuing with card payment procedures.
Payment will be made when the order has been shipped from Kadokawa. The date of payment differs between credit card companies, so check the relevant details for the card in question with the card company.
Note that there are cases in which payment authorization is not received as a direct consequence of the results of settlement screening implemented by the credit card company involved. In the event of payment not being authorized, select cash-on-delivery as the payment method and place your order accordingly. Check the credit limit available for the card in question in advance with the card company. The credit card number is to be entered on the card number entry screen. Do not send your card number by e-mail.

3. Item Delivery
(1) The items contained in the order will be delivered to the specified address approximately 7-10 working days after the order has been placed under normal circumstances. However, delays in deliveries may occur in the event of the specified address being on a remote island, natural disasters and any other unexpected events adversely affecting transportation, the items in question becoming out of stock and user specifications for items to be delivered together.
Also, note that details are provided separately on the screens for items that are expected to require longer than 10 working days for delivery.

4. Item Replacement
(1) In the event of the items being defective at the point of arrival, in the event of them being damaged during transit, and in the event of them lacking components contact the Kadokawa Support Center within 14 days of items being delivered.

ebten international
Inquiry Form URL: https://secure2.multilingualcart.com/inquiry.php?lang_id=en&lcs_id=50589

When returning items, make sure that all components included in the original package are returned together. Note that items that are missing components cannot be replaced or returned.

5. Returning Items
(1) Note that items returned on the whim of the user will not be accepted.
(2) Items returned after delivery will only be accepted on the condition that they are defective (pagination defects, missing parts, damaged).
Also, the return of computer software which does not match up with the required platform, OS or OS version and software that is not compatible with the operating environment owing to the user’s failure to check specifications will also not be accepted. Also note that the return of opened software will not be accepted under any circumstances.

6) Protection of Personal Information
(1) Note that all information provided to or registered on the Site will be handled in conformance with the stipulations laid down in the Privacy Policy (http://www.enterbrain.co.jp/jp/c_privacy/index.html) established by Kadokawa.

7. Copyrights and Other Rights
(1) All copyrights for photographs and documentation displayed on the Site, as well as all other intellectual rights, are the sole property of Kadokawa or their specific owners. Visitors to the site may not copy, transfer, process or otherwise use or dispose of the contents of the Site under any circumstances.

8. Termination and Suspension of Site Services
(1) There are cases in which Kadokawa will suspend or terminate all or certain services provided by the Site without prior notice for the purpose of carrying out maintenance and inspections, etc. The suspension and/or termination of Site services will have no effect on the shipping or approval processes for orders already received at the time of suspension/termination.

9. Disclaimer
(1) There are places on the Site containing links to Internet sites established and operated by third parties (hereinafter known as Third-Party Sites). Users clicking on these links will be transferred to the relevant Third-Party Sites, although caution is recommended as these sites have been established and are operated by companies and individuals not directly related to Kadokawa and the Terms and Conditions that apply to the ebten Site will no longer be in effect. Users visiting Third–Party Sites must also refer to the terms and conditions pertaining to the site in question and use these sites under their own discretion and responsibility. The links to Third-Party Sites contained within the ebten Site are not recommendations of the sites in question, and Kadokawa cannot be held responsible in any way for damages incurred by users who visit these sites.
There are cases in which the Site or certain parts of the Site are subject to the suspension, delay and termination of services owing to system malfunctions or other problems caused by the characteristics inherent with mail-order services that rely on the use of communication lines and computers, etc. Kadokawa does everything in its power to prevent situations like this, although full protection for such problems cannot be guaranteed. Users are requested to contact the ebten office in the event that queries pertaining to the contents of orders arise. The approval of parents or guardians (legal representatives with parental authority) is required for users who have yet to reach the age of consent. The Site also contains products for which orders are age-restricted. All users are required to place their orders in strict conformance with the relevant precautions and restrictions.

10. Terms and Conditions Updates
(1) The Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment without prior notice. Site users are therefore required to check the contents of the Terms and Conditions upon each visit to the Site. All amendments to the Terms and Conditions will take effect immediately. Users are also required to agree to all amendments to the Terms and Conditions when visiting the Site on subsequent occasions.

11. Inquiries
(1) Direct all inquiries related to methods for purchasing items to the following.

ebten Office
Inquiry Form URL: https://secure2.multilingualcart.com/inquiry.php?lang_id=en&lcs_id=50589